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2014 Monthly Plans

Posted by maycantheatre on January 22, 2014 at 11:45 AM

Hello everyone!

We launched! Last Friday we got people together for two solo shows, Cory Thibert's "The Room Outside The Room" performed by one and handsome and always charming Tony Adams. And Norah Paton's "The Forsaken Daughters of Winter." Both went very well, although some would argue that the baby Josiah may have stolen the show. How do you compete with a friggen baby?

You don't, you will lose.

Regardless of who was the best part, what is most important is that we have our plans laid out for the year! Here they are, in order, in almost 100% confirmation.


May Can Theatre Launch (happened)


Masturbation Stories! (Feb21st or 22nd TBD) A night of masturbatory theatre in its least pretentious way. We are in the process of collecting stories anoynmously to be read by guest performers. In the month of love, it is important to remember self love. We may even have a chat roullette booth set up as well! If you would like to sumbit a story all you have to do is email it from our special email: [email protected] (password:everybody) and send it to [email protected] with an obvious subject line.

Trois (Feb 30th-Mar1st) We have teamed up with some local power bunches to put on a little mini showcase festival that will be larger than life and theatre itself! Well maybe, size isn't important. What is important is that we are writing a new show for this and it is looking to be our grittiest show yet. Possible nudity. Possible drugs. Possible laughs. We hope so, if not by us I'm sure either Dead Unicorn Inc. or Grimprov will be able to help you out in the entertainment department no problem.


Little Green Hat & May Can Team Up (late March, Dates TBD) Tony Adams and Tess McManus will be pairing up to write a new intimate play to be staged in an apartment no less. A show dealing with themes of gender norms, identity, sex. All pretty right now and relevant things you know? And, we will probably be serving breakfast to our audiences following the show. Who doesn't love breakfast? If you know some one who does, keep them away from us.


Flip It! (Early April, dates TBD) We play a live game show/card game/story telling thing with some super cool people from Montreal! We met them this summer when we did the Fundy Fringe and had a great time watching their show. Come and yell at the competitors, place illigel bets, drink some drinks, and have a rambunctious good time.


A-May-Pole-Dance-Celebration-Slash-Help-Us-Move-Maybe?-Slash-Wolves>Boys-Sendoff-Bacon-With-May-Can (May 31st) Not our catchiest title, but it gets straight ot the point. We will be moving out of our beloved Powerhouse and then right after hitting the road for the summer. So we want to get people together for some May Pole action, have some bay can with May Can, and do Wolves>Boys in Ottawa for the last time. Ever. Think about it.

Ps. If you would like to help us move our stuff, that'd be great!

June, July, August:

Fringe Tour. We are doing our darndest to get across Canada this summer and do one last stint of Wolves>Boys. We are planning to hit Montreal(June), Winnipeg(July) and Edmonton(August). We are super excited to rbing this show across the country, and if you can make it out to them from Ottawa, we will let you in free! What a deal Batman!


May Can's 5th Birthday Bonanza. (late September) May Can will be 5 whole years old this September! Join us for a party like no other. CHeap drinks, good music, great times. Maybe even a blast from the past section where we will get people to perform snippets from our past productions in chronological order.


Fresh Meat Theatre Festival: (dates TBD) We always love Fresh Meat, one of our favorite parts of fall. And this year Tony will also be helping produce the event. How cool is that!


We do a "play" play. (dates TBD) Oh yeah, that's right. We will be putting on a play. By some one else. We are going to buy some rights, make some posters, cast it, get costumes, set, lighting, sound. Maybe, we hope. It's a bit different from what we usually do, but why not, you know? If anyone has some great plays for us to read, start telling us now!


LASER/TOTEM/PENGUIN- A May Can Christmas. (date TBD) This is maybe the one we are most excited about. Mostly cause we have no idea what it even is yet. We (Tony, Cory, Mado) picked three words, and now they our points of interest. Should be jolly and festive and... well anything really. We have no idea yet.

 That's the list so far! There may be more. Some may be different. But you can be sure every month we will have a reason for us to get together and watch, or perform, or just be. Join us on our journey, just being there is help enough, and let's have a great 2014.



May Can Theatre.

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