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2014 Month Plans (Revised)

Posted by maycantheatre on April 12, 2014 at 8:20 PM

At nearly a 1/3 of the way through the year, here is a revised list of what's happened/to come. There have been a few changes and we are sure there are more to come. A year is a long time. We think it’s important to be flexible.


May Can Theatre 2014 Launch. There was a party, a power point presentation and 2 one-person shows (The Room Outside the Room, written/directed by Cory Thibert and performed by Tony Adams & Forsaken Daughters of Winter, written by: Kara Crabb and performed by Norah Payton).


Performed our latest new creation, What About Horses?, along with new works by Dead Unicorn Ink and GRIMprov as part of Trois (3 nights, 3 shows, 3 drinks for $10, so much threetre!).


This last month, we curated JERK IT!, an evening of masturbation stories submitted anonymously and read by someone else. There was also a chat roulette booth and lotion/Kleenexes to spare! No, but seriously, the evening was a blast, with talented people reading a collection riveting stories. Some were funny, some sexy, some touching, some cringe worthy.



Flip It!: A live game show storytelling challenge with drinks, which celebrates the competitor in all of us! Last summer we drove to Saint John New Brunswick where we fell madly into friendship with a group of Montrealers who invented the game. Joined by Flip It! all-star Al Lafrance, May Can’s Tony, Cory and Mado will duke it out in a series of challenges sure to embarrass us slightly and entertain you greatly; some we’ve created, some you will create for us.

Saturday April 19th - Doors 7:30pm/Game 8pm - Arts Court Studio (2 Daly Ave., Ottawa) - PAY WHAT YOU CAN


Join us on May 31st for A-May-Pole-Dance-Celebration-Slash-Help-Us-Move-Maybe?-Slash-Wolves>Boys-Send Off-Slash-Bacon-With-May-Can-Party. Not our catchiest title, but it gets straight to the point. We will be moving out of our beloved Powerhouse and then hitting the road for the summer. So we want to get people together for some May Pole action, have some bay can with May Can, and do Wolves > Boys in Ottawa for the last time. Ever. Think about it. (Time and Location TBA)


Fringe Tour. We are doing our darndest to get across Canada this summer to do one last out-with-a-bang stint of Wolves>Boys. We plan to hit Montreal (June), Winnipeg (July) and Edmonton (August). We are Incredible excited to bring this show across the country, and if you can make it trek from Ottawa to any of the above cities, we will let you in free! What a deal Batman!


May Can's 5th Birthday Bonanza. May Can will be 5 whole years old this September! Join us in late September for a party like no other. Cheap drinks, good music, great times. Maybe even a blast from the past special where we get people to perform snippets from our past productions in chronological order. (Date and Location TBA)


Fresh Meat Theatre Festival. We always love Fresh Meat, one of our favorite parts of fall really. And this year, Tony will also be helping produce the event. How cool is that! (Dates and Location TBA)


We do a "play" play. Oh yeah, that's right. We will be putting on a play. By someone else. We are going to purchase the rights, make some posters, cast it, get costumes, a set, some lighting, maybe a sound space (we hope). It's a bit different from what we usually do, but why not, you know? If anyone has some great plays for us to read, start telling us now! (Dates and Location TBA)


LASER/TOTEM/PENGUIN- A May Can Christmas. This is maybe the one we are most excited about. Mostly cause we have no idea what it even is yet. We (Tony, Cory, Mado) picked three words, and now they our points of interest. Should be jolly and festive and... well anything really. We have no idea yet. (Dates and Location TBA)


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