May Can Theatre

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Reviews and Awards

Wolves > Boys (Montreal, Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe, 2014) 

"Throughout Wolves > Boys, Thibert and Adams not only displayed their creative talents as

the writers of the piece, but also showcased their compatibility as performers. They fed off

each other’s lines with ease and good humour, making for a genuine exchange between old friends. The pair were outstanding in their overall performance and definitely won over the MainLine Theatre audience." (Charlebois Post, Montreal)

"Ottawa’s May Can Theatre have come up with an absolute gem with Wolves > Boys." (Bloody Underrated, Montreal) 


"The show has a clever way of packing the different stories together, making use of light to indicate what story is being told. There are moments of total lunacy and others that capture men and the relationships between men with razor-edged accuracy. Wolves > Boys is a heartfelt exploration of masculinity. Well worth seeing!" (Montreal Rampage, Montreal) 

The Tragicall Historie of Nick Wade (and other fuck-ups) 

**WINNER** Future of the Fringe Award (Ottawa Fringe, 2013) 

"The drama between the band and the violent acts that happen at their shows suck you right in ... The performances here are top notch, and it’s clear the cast has some great chemistry with each other." (Production Ottawa, Ottawa) 

"I think what interested me the most about this show are the questions it raises in the final

moments of the performance: to what end are musicians, and even more specifically the

frontmen, responsible for their audiences’ behaviour? Should they be? ... This is a question not easily answered, though it certainly makes for engaging discussion, and Nick Wade, through a solid and well-rounded performance, takes a look at what happens internally to a band when both great fame and great responsibility are at once thrust upon you." (New Ottawa Critics, Ottawa) 

Happiness™ (Ottawa Fringe, 2013) 

"The comedic timing and charisma of Thibert and Adams is a joy to watch, and they both throw themselves into their respective roles." (Production Ottawa, Ottawa) 

"The result is an escalating battle of one-upmanship, a dance-off, and disturbingly dark secrets brought to light. The cultlike structure of pyramid scheme-style businesses becomes rich fodder for May Can to play with, and they spare nothing. Still full of the whimsy of their previous work, but there’s a new maturity on display with this one that’s great to see." (The Visitorium, Ottawa) 

"MayCan has a history of excellence, and this show is exactly what you expect: great chemistry, solid acting, well-developed characters, intelligent story, and an all around great time." (New Ottawa Critics, Ottawa) 

Wolves > Boys (Ottawa Fringe, 2012) 

**WINNER** Outstanding Duo Performance (Ottawa Fringe Festival, 2012)

**NOMINATED** Outstanding New Creation & Emerging Artist Awards (Prix Rideau Awards, 2012)

"It’s a bit of a sinister set up for what is essentially 50 minutes of laughter." (Apartment 613, Ottawa) 

"The actors, Tony Adams and Cory Thibert, share an undeniable chemistry and work well with each other, able to bounce dialogue back and forth of each other. In fact, it’s almost eerie. At times it felt like romantic chemistry and I almost thought they might kiss on more than one occasion." (Production Ottawa, Ottawa)

Sounds from the Turtle Shell (Ottawa Fringe, 2011) 

**Nominated** Outstanding New Creation and Outstanding Fringe Production (Prix Rideau Awards, 2011)